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Johnson City (Keeled Scales 2018)

   When in regrets feel free to listening yourself into this Garage Indie-Pop and Folk-tunes of a woman written herself feelings up in the cold and in between the intersection of life confusing all on us yet perfectly, the Dream-Pop ambience under the figured names of Laura Colwell, Michael Bain, Justin Harris, Stephen Salisbury onto Sarah Schultz from their places somewhere on Austin, Texas. 

   Sweeter voice of a broken angel fell onto earth seems to be surrounded your non-hysterical recording pick off Years to reflecting the entire essentials memories made and produced by Sun June portraying the dimension of an empty space painting of green-meaningless but the good tracks reveals themselves there for you via harmonic wisdom and hoping on good fortunes over Slow Rise II which carried plenty sparks, Discotheque opening the introduction as the smaller sun goes down; Young cheering the lost of ages, Homes trying to take back the wrong steps righteously, Apartments to Baby Blue and I’ve Been make senses to describing this vinyl on the release dating for those whom cares about relationships and music in general independently true.