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Helsinki The Chum (Knotwilg 2016)

   Noisy melts of the Electron-pulses blaring the alarms onto your situation unknown to reacts as Noel Meek a.k.a Noel St. Cosmos giving the signature experiments through out the college sounds overtly, almost panic but as well exaggerating the whole Ambient realm parts of you trembles under the picturing for the wider tube on The Mysteries of Extremophilic Folk bared. Barren monotonous bursts upon Electronic blending bleeds of machinery whining swept the entire atmosphere sounding strange enters as the odd faces masks and creatures appears here for the show as performed three out of three sides collectively, warns the ordinary to stay away from listening this creepy weirdy products. 

   Entropy and Wanting More of Life or Weedflowers or Rails Toward The Sky talks about the futuristic – different dimension that encouraging one to steps in bravely with no turning back anymore once you decided to go. No commence needed in order to enjoying the mad insanity quite badly lawless on this. 

The Mysteries Of Extremophilic Folk: