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Hello Edge Of Earth (Ghostly International 2018)

   Harp techniques performing lady whom studied at Eastman School of Music and lives around Los Angeles is the Classical contemporary and Modern Pop Chamber sounds of strings arrangements as lead solos playing her beauty allusion evokes as vacancies to memory places as indefinite travelogues trip showing the compositions as enchanted road trip american crossing and collective pieces of song-writing with silence and speech like nestled hills above San Francisco golden gate to odes about burning hotel and daily scenes universal of understanding as extraordinary expressions in harmonic helix as these seven tracks recording out of Mary Lattimore’s Hundreds Of Days crystal clear portrait on painted living room defines old native safe-havens onto your hearing for Never Saw Him Again about the loss pasts; On The Day You Saw The Dead Whale meaningful environmental walks of shame destruction by men; Baltic Birch due to the sightings around peace gorgeous landscapes or Their Faces Streaked with Light and Filled with Pity goes to the poor society on the street living for time to time desperately, needing help from us as fundamental humanity wraps the unease feelings blended altogether makes you think about It Feels Like Floating comes about eleven minutes and thirty-one seconds opening title for this.

Hundreds Of Days: