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Hell Mental (Refuse Records 2018)

   Quartet of New Jersey’s Hardcore mastery tunes that will broken your freaking bones up just for the beginning of their intros may becoming the irrelevant known figures of American street protesting style gathered by the names of Jeff DeSantis, Jeremy Evans to Ken Ramsey as fast and slicing as possible for Old-School style techniques raising the mosh-pit and traps for ordinary jocks or fake fans of metallic Hardcore a'la Wall Breaker writing their twelve songs of social frustrations as well as problematic living in the modern world onto Democracy Dies formation on Jeremy (guitars), Ben (drums), Ken (vocals) and Jeff (bass) showing the shields of their straight edge punkish listed tracks such as Double Standard, Shock/Aftershock, The Bottle Breaks, I Can’t Keep Up, Lucky Assholes, Power For The War Machine, Weather Underground onto False Prophet and AmeriKKKa over the ripped newspaper and the demonic grim reaper waiting to press the button on another world war number three sooner than you can guess and predicts - just follow the weaponry parades and the mayhem sounds !

Democracy Dies: