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Harry Potato (Bandcamp 2016)

   Award-winning of collaborative group selection onto finest local musicians of New Zealand as this live recording from the sixth album shows across Auckland theater and paramount theater in Wellington leads the recording of presenting here to you about – String Theory as the fourteen casts met on a one day writing sessions as many songs there being made to captures musical through story-telling and existence fabricate explorations possible to be caught inside the infinite runs of amazing non-comparison and compassion over the casts musicians: Barnaby Weir, A Girl Named Mo, Ills Winter, James Coyle, Jarney Murphy, Iraia Whakamoe, Laughton Kora, Nigel Patterson, Tiki Taane to Bailey Wiley as well as Ria Hall and Miloux or Ryan Prebble mixing their talents over song-writing, arrangements, the blending arts of sounds taken off the likes for Folk-Country, Blues Rock to the World Jazz and traditional modern mixtures over Fly Me Prettiest project sounding sophomore to get your friends and colleges matter to have them for collections. 

   Just like the little chick phoenix Fly My Prettiest are learning to come out to fly later on – these tracks as well showing us something groovy and sensual by the mixed onward to changing feelings from moody to focused as The Watchman, Every Mystery, Mud & Stardust, Hearts, Still onto Something To Hold, Forever and Anomaly means the meeting minded to think that life would do good as the spectators indicating how success the stage mainly entertains people there. 

String Theory: