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Golimar (Folcore/Secsy Music 2018)

   Filofobia album that mastered by Segundo Vazquez aka Tropikore and consisted the works of the trio musicians and talented figures of different genders: Estefi Spark (vocals, lyrics), Cristian Del Negro (production musical, lyrics, programming) and Martin Biderman (music production, programming and mixture) serving this Trap-Electronic and Future Bass Grime in Latino beats traditional wraps colliding to the hitec or musical Psy Rap of Barcelona’s scene of independent sounds as the six tracks bursts out to your selection of Freshcore from White Talls meets the mysterious neck strangled action on the front cover by a gorgeous adult woman in blue as the music speaks to the audience via Tu Remedio (the remedy), Samba Lando, Wine It for the drinks and add some more before or after; Poser calls the intruder on showing up the figures behind the shadows doing something irritating or Entrance that further goes selling beats of latin-tango and trad-sounds of Spaniard culture focusing not only on that beauty lips of the female to either survive or die.

Questioning yourself whether you would saving this or ignores …