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Gogo Friends Searching (Square Music 1994)

   First time for beginners and experts resulting almost the same feelings for playing and entered the real world of prominent Steampunk influences creations gaming within fine arts and opera-tinged as the planet world of balance and technology comparable with structural society by the half of the 19th century’s parallel motif on the northern continent and second industrial revolution behind the mountains lies the subjugated cruel Gestahl Empire against the home of Veldt by far massive wilderness and monsters to apocalyptic transformation onto world of ruin within the continuous war of magi and power source weakening and advantages combinations of machinery and magic opposing the returners – the rebel organization seeking free-land. 
   The gorgeous characters such as half-human/half-esper girl Terra Branford, primer hunter Locke Cole, empire general whom joining the rebel returners Celes Chere and habitual gambler Setzer Gabbiani onto loyal knight of the kingdom Cyan Garamonde, Shadow – a ninja mercenary or blue mage Bau and Veldt veral kid Mog as well as Umaro the Narshe’s sasquatch with the significant grudge main game fold the most Kefka Palazzo serving Emperor Gestahl and their recurring villains of mimicry, mysterious and handful over comic relief armed within the weaponry armoring onto powerful accessories of relics to beneficial of attacks and variety uses of effects extend the sophisticated ability by magicite used series trope summoning the creatures of history including Shiva, Ifrit, Bahamut or Odin added for this Nintendo produced and designs created by Hiroyuki Ito with Japanese artists and writers as well as composer for the complete musical soundtrack of Final Fantasy VI – the role playing game in pursuits of winning the battle against evil military dictatorship onto magical arm-races to renewal for hopes from chemical weapons and depiction violent collectively infamous by the confrontation over divinities and thus total three discs of remarkable popular Classical stage scoring instrumentals to the modern animated sounds of Electronic Pop in sensibility which also sometimes calls out sensuality and imaginary dreams project there for Fanfare, The Unforgiven, The Phantom Forest, Wild West, The Serpent Trench, Kids Run Through The City as well as Johnny C. Bad, Edgar and Mash, Troops March On, The Day After or even Epitaph, Last Dungeon to Dancing Mad might releasing every single feelings and imaginations tighten inside you to be released. Final Fantasy VI is not only the best of its series but as well for a come true parallel realm that you have been visioning before – been created here and now !