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Fugue 15:17 (Ba Da Bing! 2018)

   Atmospheric dense of duo Leeds-based crew of Lyla Legard and Phil Legard worshiping the intense occultism pagan beliefs of the olden days not for making decadence out of merciful or overtone singing only but Ambient experimental blends out of Electronic, Folk, World and Pop chanting sessions may haunting the listeners as Hawthonn releasing their latest Red Goddess (Of This Men Shall Know Nothing) brought inaccessible not doom-laden organ riffs and crystalline elemental drones or piano guided the unconscious inspiring romance poetic of dreams or esoteric reveries of music symbolizing onto the long historical portions over folklore, magic and witchcraft around English landscapes and obsessive explorations deepen unique within the female figure her face you cannot recognized yet in plentiful imaginary precipitates as Alternative Folk underground crossing your bedroom creeping in the bath-tube infinitely, spreading down the stairs to your parents living room and your infant baby brother play-space by techniques and blessings behind the animal skull face-cover traditional and the background or rye fields. 

   Opening by In Mighty Revelation for seven minutes longer tops the next follower tracks Misandrist goes lower onto three minutes and thirty-two as ambience volume caught the interests or the sights upon the new moon magical appearance as ritual of bigger and smaller things must be done celebrates the comeback of father sun god and the holy mother moonshine as well as Lady In The Flood carries the eleven minutes and thirty seconds taste of the unearthed offerings calls to thanking the mixtures of liquid and land powers costs us safety like living in Eden tells the audience to preserving not destroying if you still wanted to prolong. 

Red Goddess (Of This Men Shall Know Nothing):