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Frontyard 13:50 (The 3DO Company 2000)

   Kitchen battle between the real world versus the plastic world is on as commander Plastro of The Tan invading green land leave Sarge and the rest of his force of green soldiers enters the portal and goes to the kitchen as massive Tan soldiers chasing them while traitor Major Mylar takes the territory and blasting the portal out.

   The published of second real-time tactics game video of Army Men II marks the real combat of plastic men expanding the levels up instructions to level 3 of Tank Fight; finding the missing colonel of tropical plastic island and the banded together soldiers of four armies calling themselves as The Cult helping Sarge to destroying zombie mold factory creations of insane Grey scientist Dr. Madd injecting different color liquid soldiers as when the portal emerges again in the middle of nowhere Tan base facing the last enemy scientists and protective zombie and suicide bombers for the fortress with massive angry soldiers and results a key leading of mass destruction weapon at the center in total war inside a child’s bedroom. Funny, more actions and ridiculous as you might hearing the songs from DJG Symphony Orchestra playing not just Spring Song Op. 62 No.2 but the original tracks like Airborne, Hobby, Bootcamp, Homeland onto Mania, Playset and Tankstore told the entire filming animated for this game to excites you – march and win.