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Free Devil (Jarrah Records 2014)

   Hearing onto their roots for musical jamming and Alternative Folk/Country Pop tuning written must be caught through your mind that these Australian crew naming themselves as The John Butler Trio should kept this innovations of sure passing non-crowded and peaceful messaging lyrics written by themselves waving out further longer and meeting the performer musicians of the group: Byron Luiters, Nicky Bomba and John Butler himself may opens the new perspectives even when you don’t have plans to visiting the unique continent in the near future or blessing for those whom already set their feet there – seeing some of the natural’s wonders in form of plenty amazing places, magnificent lands and good people mostly, come handy and friendly, like the shaped of this recording catalog off the band on Flesh & Blood – portraying the urban areas, degree of wealth living but never gone too expensive to be listened by many figures and hearing personalities as the blended acoustic meets Alternative Rock pleasure to overcome your demands on melodic solos and power Pop-Rock striking us from the background tales of the inside interior of the outback to the modern palace of recording studio and the in-between surrounded by harmonic vocals and tons of harmonies knitting and arranged onto tracks that sounding delicious and fully ingredients to either baked, grills or mixed with cooking oil (literary) as Cold Wind, Bullet Girl, Only One, Young and Wild, Wings are Wide, Livin’ in The City or Spring To Come bash you softly with memories and old time shoots of whiskey while converse to friends or looking for the inside finding something on your dad’s garage and workshop while having good music to tuning on to.

Flesh & Blood: