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Farang Mao (Electric Cowbell Records 2018)

   Jim McHugh being passionate to the musical project based on exotica-obsessed onto any post-colonial bandits as yet another bunch kinds of music on traditional cultural or heritage from South-East Asia and mostly, vocals learning tapes to gathering ideas within the audience might having their eye-brows raising at first listening try hears these idiosyncratic of electrified provoking indicators on the band’s overview in some indigenous and treasury musical of Thailand and Laos pillaging them just for themselves to performs. 

   Accompanied by the later on idealistic keyboardist Dave Kadden; solidify their Drunken Foreigner Band and that time even the remaining front cover album of White Guy Disease comprising for Adam Apuzzo on percussions, Jeff Tobias for saxophone, Michael Wrasman (bass, vocals) and Jason Robira did the recording plus mixes showing us the menace position of the band members posed in front of the thai house castle copying either Madness or Genesis while debuting the strange sounds like possessed over the river demons or something deep in the jungle fever whilst playing Chan Chua Wa Chan Bin Dai or Akha 2 or another opener tracks within twelve minutes more longer to those as shorter as three minutes and fifty-three seconds separates the scene picture of the pass-out lady boy on the unhygienic street of Bangkok. 

White Guy Disease: