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Fallout Fetus (Inherited Suffering Records 2013)

   Katy, Texas crew blasting their Brutal Death Metal consisting for themes such as zombies, gore and anti-christ eater of the dead known as a side project of John Hull before became regular as solo-acts and seminal group led by himself performing guitars, vocals, bass and drum-programming towards the essential horrific head-surgery of mutant scientists in proposal of The End of The Christian, Rotting Menstruation of The Holy Whore, Blood Grazing Human Sacrifice and Realm of Pure Insanity tells the audience to get insanely malfunction on behaving really brute to others without respect cause the Sadistic Butchering may not preventing one from killing others by sending rotten images and greater lyrics story about degradation in Sculptor Of Flesh and ticking deathgasm's war-field and mutilation realm of our nightmare facts in reality. 

Sculptor of Flesh: