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Exosuit (Unknown Worlds Entertainment 2018)

   As humanity begins to colonized another planets in outer space; taken this by the late of 22 nd century tales of a trans-gov Alterra vessel named Aurora sent and reaches a goal of constructing form of high speed space travel structure – Phasegate within a advance technology scanners finding a lost ship called Degasi that crashed on planet 4546B onto Subnautica (game) as the cruising mission near the planet ends up a hit by unknown pulse energy and catastrophic hull failure and crash-landed resulting life-pod secure contains the player (you). Fictional deep ocean vast planet environment comprising strangest kelp forest, weirdy dangerous fishes and sea creatures as well as explorations to collect important debris off the two spacecrafts underwater as you selecting gears, adjusts health and blueprinting contrastive tools or nutritious ingredients from your surrounding liquid realm while alerting yourself from bigger monsters to gigantic leviathan waiting to attacks or devours you as a alienated presence inside the water while fixing things for your life supports.

   Diving deeper and onward for being lone survivor sets between an exploding wreckage to the shallow coral reefs and clear water colorful fueled fishes or go to experience the thrill for down dive to the murky parts of the ocean may gives you spine-chill. Between hydration and oxygen demands there’s soundtrack of Simon Chylinski composing works artistically tells us about Tropical Eden, Precipice, Crush Depth, Original Inhabitants, Ancient Alien Arc Lights, Blood Crawler, Caverns, Dark Matter Reactor to Red Alert and Unknown Flora or Violet Beau. 

   Whether you choose using hardcore mode or freedom mode – one thing for sure is that game - Subnautica will always amazed everyone whom playing it until player dies by suffocation or the sea creature’s attack even for creative mode in crafting/submersibles mini-sub affection on trench-explore experience to either fixing your pod, your ship or maintaining the mission for build structures there in choices and difficulties.