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Dunwich-Atrophy (20 Buck Spin 2018)

   Even it doesn’t really enclosing to be sounded as a regular Black Metal but more to Death Metal and Grindcore mission accomplished better with no related front cover artistic for Ulthar (crew) out of their native Oakland, California area and bring this extreme satisfactions over general head-bursting music and H.P Lovecraft’s Crust metallic ignorance activated as the trio of multi-talented gory musicians comprising Shelby Lermo (guitar, vocals), Justin Ennis (drums) and Steve Peacock (bass, vocals) describing how the singularity living case can started back as a mono cell form grows out in evolutionary causes of misshaped modernity advance in science as terrible things to either consuming the most vibrant materials that we need the most or consuming us as snacks – remembered when you destroying a grass flower and this is the reversed version where Death Metal plants form the seeded alien beings mutated onto - Cosmovore as six tension tracks having no mercy or remorse tells us about how we going to extinct; within the steps forming the Solitarian to infinite Cold Distance facts probing disguise by many excuses kept from us to hear as Asymmetric Warfare goes blown up the five minutes glare stance pungent for further thirteen minutes and twenty-five seconds of late dark-ages comes back within sorcery and doomed physical expectation required.