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Don Quixote (Bandcamp 2013)

   As the atmosphere rounding the sunshine and children kept their appearance outside playing and planting something as small pond providing little fishes to catch or adore means a lot to not avoiding the compliment contemporary musical sounds written with heart-felt and good positive vibes for Folkish Pop and Chmaber acoustic progress within the works of local song-writer/singer off Saint Cloud, Minnesota through Home Of Song from Paul Spring celebrating these twelve songs on the behalf of his resting life goes on the flow peacefully like the town his living in lately, commencing the grapes of happiness and no wrath for the wicked kinds of themed losing out for you to bare a listening relaxation after the raining afternoon and couple hot drinks on the family porch drifting within the catchy Country-tinged Red Sky At Morning, Sloopy Jalopy, Mermaid, Peter Pan to Mississippi River or Willow Tree crafting the dreamy on more folklores and tales of ages legendary put on clinging tight over the goodness lyrics and wiser messages talks around Sherlock Holmes bravery and cleverness to the eager natural events of daily like See The Moon means careless to do and you might feeling a lot better after doing things and listening the album from the north territory. 

Home Of Song: