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Die Kunst Der Kumushki (Thekla Inc. 2016)

   You can love it or hated it cause it’s all about real time perspective inside the fictional world where one exploring The Witness game roughly arrived to an island displaying plenty natural formations or structures of eleven regions and for hours playing won’t solving the end but self-activation maybe complete by the basic the challenges of tests on optional involving symmetry puzzles scattered around. Substantial paths and cross-panels to open or avoid segment that causing self-intersections preventing avatar drawn mode from out of controls as illustrated in average distributed in adventure walks of unlocking ways to the mountains, housing turrets and reach for each different places of the island to the top heights or a sightseeing of some kinds of alienated rock formations as get background via Edvard Grieg Anitra’s Dance (Anitra’s Dans) music to figuring out the square key-boards pitched off Bela Bartok’s Concerto For Orchestra in Finale (Conclusion), Giuseppe Verdi Requiem on Introit and Kyrie (Entrance and Lord) even I Dovregubbens Hall (In The Hall of The Mountain King) from Peer Gynt with Musopen Symphony turns Classical tunes to break your focus over virtual piano or trimmed lecturer orchestral but hopefully not reducing your speed to playing by mysterious excitement about The Witness surrounding by nobody but solitude and strange statues in many shapes and poses behind the trees or odd buildings.