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Diagram Continental Drift (Warner New Media 1992)

   Ambitious beyond the beings and worlds can be shaping a good cause one time and for that NASA had send the casts of their cosmos messages among billion 200 of stars through milky way galaxy and may inhabitant planets or space civilizations to intercepts the twin carrier missions to the edge of our universe in hope someone or something intelligence would intercepts the Voyager Golden Record contains of printed messages from President Jimmy Carter to U.N secretary-general Kurt Waldheim as selected onto various types of animal sounds, volcano or wind and thunder, mud pots to human sounds of footsteps/laughter/heartbeats from Carl Sagan and featured different cultures and eras of human music both modern and traditional, spoken greetings from over fifty five languages of the world from Ancient Greek, Arabic, Aramaic, Japanese, Gujarati#, Quechua, Mandarin, Telugu to Swedish, Sumerian and Sotho or even Esperanto and !Kung try to sending their messages of peace and friendships to the global star alliance everywhere. Sections of audio portion contains of Music of The Sphere devoted to Johannes Kepler’s Harmonices Mundi by Laurie Spiegel to the inspirational per aspera ad astra in morse code along with tons of Folk Music and Traditional recording tracks off many tribes and cultures from all over the planet such as Ketawang: Puspawarna (Kinds of Flowers) performed by Pura Paku Alaman Palace Orchestra to Mahi musicians of Benin with Cengunme, Japanese/US collaborations in Sokaku-Reibo (Depicting The Cranes in Their Nest), Partita for Violin Solo No. 3 in E Major, BMW 1006: III Gavotte En Rondeau with Arthur Grumiaux on violin; Austral-aboriginal’s Barnumbirr (Morning Star) and Moikoi Song, Melancholy Blues (Louise Armstrong and His Hot Seven), Mugam (Cahargah Ahangi) of Azerbaijan S.S.R, Navajo Night Chant/Yeibichai Dance as well as Solomon Island’s Naranaratana Kookokoo(The Cry of The Megapode Bird), Huancavelica young girl singing Peruvian traditional Wedding Song as the performance off Guan Pinghu on Liu Shui (Flowing Streams), Bhairavi: Jaat Kahan Ho (Kesarbai Kerkar on vocals with harmonium and table) and String Quartet No. 13: in B-Flat Major, Opus 130; V. Cavantina by Ludwig van Beethoven recorded via Budapest String Quartet.
   It’s even had a brainwaves of Ann Druyan for the epilogue book Billions and Billions experiences and last but not least variety of description pictures like codes of solar location map, mathematical definitions, other planetary system, coloring images of Egypt, Sinai peninsula and the Nile, anatomy of human body sections; snake river/grand Tetons, Heron Island (Great Barrier Reef of Australia), demonstration of licks/eats and drinks as for house constructions, Sydney Opera House, The Great Wall to Boston or Airport in Toronto, train, antarctic expedition as well as rush hour of Thailand to modern highway, street scene of Pakistan to the sunset with bird; austronaut in space, radio telescope (Arecibo) and entire one hundred sixteen package gifts on communicating to extra-terrestrial intelligence attempts here within the trip of Voyager 1 and 2 outside the solar system since V.A Murmurs Of Earth (The Voyager Interstellar Record) of gold sent in June of 1977…