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Devote Midnight (Continental/Teichiku 1983)

   She’s not looking really resemblance like Yoko Ono but the Japanese lady rocker Misako Honjoh might getting easily turns your libido of head-banging and testosterone as well within her high-pitched vocals and female appearance for Heavy Metal tunes mid-tempo grows through the land of the rising sun territory each decades higher rating and the English and J-Rock Japanese both lyrics-themes musical sounded awesome and classic to collects as The Cruiser of her third catalog recordings meet the expectations for those whom liking Deep Purple and Ronnie Dio much with the addition of Lita Ford’s solo melodies by the early years and letting the figure of thus mighty blonde angel with wings sitting on a peaceful world without nuclear threats sending messages into the realm track-listed fuses calling us over Paradise Zone, Natsu Wa Dare Mo Aisinai, Blood Rain, Modern Age Rock, Dream A Dream to Morning Moon, Chaser and Too Long. 

Seems that this album may curing your big miss for having great production like this woman laser-phase did inducing fusion. 

Misako Honjoh's The Cruiser: