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Dekalb Ealing (Adventure Club 2017)

   Katie Schottland must be never had a very stronger ideas that one day she will be an independent song-writer and female singer like following the footsteps of either Joan Baez or Sheryl Crow but the attractive looking girl sees herself as a voice that creating honest project of one-woman Folk experimental out of Brooklyn-based and did maintaining her not sell-out tunes compelling the infectious soft slowed melodies and definite shimmers on pulsing pungent rhythms but remarkable voice like icing as charms as these delightful track-listed of five less few spontaneous and harmonic tales to tell among Route 72 or Valley Forge comes in three minutes more closer to Dylan’s poetic romance and social touch onto Some Things On Windsor carries a limited access for the ears to think too much about the whole interpretations but looking their own lives mirrored through the sweeter taste of The Golden Heart by Swimming Bell performance. In between the seaweeds and the sea-plants likely dwells the feeling of a girl trying to open minds telling her stories and artistic arts to see by men within cinematic Lo-Fi lowpines and acoustic chill or relaxing Alternative Pop chamber of liquid realms; blur like cakes. 

The Golden Heart: