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Cracked Plate (YK Records 2018)

   Cuter sound of music and delighted proposal came in as one fearlessly trying to get as popper as one can have by open the stereo system and collecting pieces story written by the duo collaborative project and liking photographs as arts as well music make-up not for vanity set but Jasmin Kaset finding their self-titled debut urgency in You Drive moments as ability for creating songs and writing lyrics subsume the foresight of a pass out figure picturing as only hand in too much drinking, smoking and losing the wristwatch off Nashville, Tennessee as sensual independent girl put the driven directions onto dark Dream-Pop but melodious like Electronic gifts onto everyone’s ears today. 

   Art direction and design creates by Caspar Newbolt and eleven tracks composing or arranged well pretty as you might heard them slowly, attracting the modern personality to liking the truth that tells via Stuck Behind a Train, Royal Blue, Summer Blade to The Road or Machine Jurassic processing how we all get the related fixtures on Alchemy relates over Nu-Pop. 

You Drive: