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Cornered New (Bandai Namco Entertainment 2017)

   Positive critics gained for a young girl known as the runaway kid involving in very bad dreams as he woke up in darkness swimming as being dragged under; while leaving the nursery – the boy seeing a girl flees as a janitor chased children but she’s disappear to nowhere as the runaway kid in yellow hoodie follows the last trace finding himself into the maw heavily flooded as he must reaching any floating platforms for escaping the Little Nightmares game thrill scene but it’s not easy because you need to have wider objecting perspective on where to steps in or walk through using elevator going down as well as think twice for any possibilities and exit holes to be saved and continued your survival time by pushing big suitcase, climbing up the high cupboard, tip-toeing silently and try not to distracts terrible creatures in a quite really confusing but cute caught as well inside how you playing the horror adventure puzzle game Little Nightmares with a hungry little girl Six being trapped inside a creepy catering whims onto sick powerful creatures on the maw as lower depth journey for escaping into harsh confines displays within excruciating moments while ascend as she’s stalked by a long-armed blind janitor who loves to capturing children but six cut its arms and trap the janitor by luring food to go belt upward facing another grotesque twin chefs in a larger dirty kitchen. 
Here’s your chance to outsmarting the fat chef that will grabs you on sight seconds you making too much disturbing sounds even the smallest one as one must sneaking quietly, hiding under the cupboard or sets and faster running to reach any vessel’s exit or doors swinging by right aims before you turning into large feast or forced eating live rat, not getting out alive. Praised for the great graphic animations to the sound effects as well as eerie atmosphere like when Six eating not the sausage but the nomes. 
   Captures and fed  too much being obese; meet the magical powers geisha-lady as the leader but smartly, makes her away as six entering the quarter before found one of the mirror that used to fighting the lady as she was defeated inside the broken mirror room and devours by six within later foghorn being heard means six whom sitting at the maw’s entrance presumably, rescued. Original game soundtrack composed by Tobias Lilja mixing melodic harmonies but extra creepy instrumental Ambience music towards your complexity in understanding the path which is filling up the curiosity as well as fear of the children’s feeling finding that they’re lost. Six’s Theme Pt. I onto The Death Waltz, Parasites, Lights Out, The Janitor Awaits and Little Lost Things much non-delighted scary trap-tricks tuning via A Feeling For Meat, Moaning Drone, Cold Feet to March of The Guests and Beneath The Waves carefully, snatch your attentions and cannot leaving the game unless you willing to finish it and more intense situation occurs as the yellow hoodie girl so vulnerable to moving further on that underworld dungeon-like butchered house and may become the same sausages product made from kidnapping kids.