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Contraptions (1337 & Senri 2015)

   For smartphone platform gaming with finest original soundtrack music composite rounded up for the purposes video game on iOS/android/windows and amazon apps over the furry smaller critter character with mustachioed like fluffy ball and roly-poly movements as you can hear its thicker accent of eastern Europe for goals of Leo’s Fortune recovering the path safer and avoiding obstacles while stolen treasure rediscovered by following the forms of gold coins on the journey. 

For Leopold guidance over those 2.5 dimensional levels and current bonus levels by the number countable of 24 as divided onto five chapters telling us the story about rich family background Leo the engineer finding out that his fortunes entirely stolen one day as the recounts of past experiences making Leo suspected other family members such as Uncle Sergej, Cousin Vistor or Aunt Olga being culprits but also lost theirs as well. 

   Trying to find the thief following the steam apparatus of machinery keeping the world in order; faltering jobs avoiding thorns and traps as travelling harbors, desert ruins to mountains and facility with platform changes to certain puzzle for our fluffy smart-grouch doing slides, jumps and floats to descend slower for solving trailed coins and earning stars for the stage ends. Station’s Entrance, Aunt Olga’s Fall, Fortune Lost, Mineless Machines to Mechanical Marvels and A Heart of Gold will accompanying your adventure as Leo to finishing the progress of plan between the cave and the open land in such tremendous orchestral performing works of art of music within the soundtrack. 

Artist Leif Johnson did the good job onto this (soon) children favorite catching their smarter thoughts to helping the creature on the quest.