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Combat Injured (Endnight Games 2018)

   Exquisite render complex via The Forest (game) directed by Ben Falcone and programmed by Guillaume Kehren set by pulls your guts (as Eric LeBlanc) to play this survival horror immersing alpha purposes of handy-bick or lighter after the plane crash to this unknown woodlands and venture over not just the wreckage but visceral fight for your life against the weather, nature causes and landscapes as well as the dodge death brought upon you in the presence of cannibalistic tribes of the cavern deep kidnapping your son - Timmy. Attempt to protects one another from injury, hide behind cover, communicating over distance, observes the surroundings, aggressive behavior to remove torches and use tactical decisions or drag wounded tribes men shows that the cannibals are afraid of nearby camp with fire and lighting torch progressing you to even goes further exploring the underneath caves into the world of thus primitives flesh-eating creatures to witnessing deformed babies, mutation bizarre and humanoid with extra appendages and creeping situation that requires stealth mode on. 

   You will experience day and night cycle, build shelter and traps to hunt animals or collect supplies to defending yours from lurking danger when you should. The composing the original music score of soft peaceful compositions, Progressive Doom Rock and terrifying abstract for Classic horror styles in 80’s Jam tempos and tunes from instrumentals taste creativity off Gabe Castro entitled from Main Theme, The Island, They See You onto Geese Lake or Cannibal Village Redux. 

Reminds you about the remaining ideas when you are stranded where there’s seem to be no hope left …