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Ceiling Water (Ion 1998)

   A very strange praxis outlooks over the side-project of kind of dancing tunes from spreading separations between mainstream Rock sounds and experimented monoxide influencer in a prank coalition being made by Bill Laswell of Salem, Illinois married an Ethiopian singer and legendary bass player musician and producer to label record owner blazing his chop n’ smack style onto the stereo system fanatic ears as well as the leading role on shredder strings Brian “Buckethead” Carroll whom already gain his status as the infamous masked guitar-hero and figure of future rocking project as the main contender comparison to the DJ disc Lou Quintana as the trio build up of Cobra Strike within thus overjoyed mastery blended coalitions on Heavy Metal, Industrial Electro, experiments of Jazz-core and moderate enclosure about Abstract/Breaks/Hip-Hop and many more weird sounds as you can see the might of the hungry snake figure onto the pinkish strange music television disruption and friend chicken logo background-ing the Japanese Ultraman hero-posed and the masked man wearing a fast-food bucket describing the music on 13th Scroll. 

   Weirdo, mullato or anything of the strange realm figured imaginative would be stumble to your stereo via progress and experimental tracks of 7th Hall/6th Door, Blank Sky, Tom Face, Inferno, CS-118, Braingate and Tirture Tunnel onto Hidden Tomb or Helicopter Kick as many more shall coming to the end play and confusing your reality deck for good. 

13th Scroll: