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Catch 03:19 Breath (Self-Released 2014)

   From the Boise, Idaho bedroom sessions being recorded and mastered into mixed and all of these songs written by Arthur Maddox with John Weighn as the reality that the performance is being conduct by P-Dirt and Arthur Maddox naming their project not as themselves but disguising for Stranger Danger featuring the writing phase lyrics as well by Exit Prose, Zabian or Oso Negro as the messages are correctly, correlates to the liner noted of “Don’t Talk to Strangers …” with the crew poster put on the public to see the faces of endangered situated like ill-fated and rounded out fornication lyrics erupts protesting and telling the society about Warpath after Intro, No Tomorrow brings some samples off Bear McCready shorter as two minutes wiser onto Clap and Work Sucks (feat. Zabian) or Two Parts Raw (feat. Oso Negro) as you might need to read carefully that the two suspected guys considerable to be hostile and extremely live dangerous as information may gone snitched to friends before one trying to capture them by self as not suggested. 

   The authority won’t responsible for any victims considerate to how manage failure apart of reserved being there onto Hip-Hop and Rap musical programs been targeting as criminally unlawful for youngsters to get listening for on that state – unauthorized by AJ Mack or Arcturus The Architect against Piggies plan. 

Stranger Danger: