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Caracha Cielo (Folcore 2018)

   The Down-tempo in-comprehensive music tunes being made via a figure of obvious taste into a danceable fusion on misery thoughts and invisible rewarding as the spirit in the sky acted like goddess-like pictograph on Tu Guaina recording tracks being put on inside of the album titled of The Licking Compileishon within thus monotonous grooves to tuning beats to advertisement like Latino-based traditional among eight tracks – one would not really understands but the funky fuse of Cumbia-Bass/Psychedelic tropical Electro loving Spanish people feeling the fresh mixtures of beats invitations for activities in their veins; down under the Vedette Del Interior off six minutes or Cachonda onto Tere De Yuyo and futher more sampling robot-rock voices and enriching of rhythmic that’s going to make you say ahh ! Ojitos De Cocodrilo and Acto Fallido may not explaining whose David Carson really is as the present but the musical stays pulls the rhythms trigger since the beginning of universe creations.

The Licking Compileishon: