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Camel Song (Geffen Records 1999)

   Starring Arnold Scharzenegger, Gabriel Byrne and Robin Tunney as the background event related to the apocalyptic prophecy and doomsday prediction and regaining throne of the anti-christ and satan over our world society as NYPD detective Jericho Cane must fighting his own disbelieved secular faith of living in sin, drunk, rude and full of anger after the loss of his family at the horrific burglary and rape crime incident several years before. The evil force convince that it is the perfect time for the prince of darkness to resurrects and walks the earth once again – finding his chosen bride since newborn to a grown up attractive smart girl Christine York whose going to bear satan’s child in a performance occult ritual precisely on the New Year’s Eve of 1999. 
The assassin old priest trying to kill a banker whom later on being possessed by the demon and on the search of his mistress; causing many murderous gore and destruction along the big apple as Jericho finally, reveals his faith slower piece by piece on saving Christine; battling the Vatican knights order from killing the girl, the atheists satanic army onto the slaughtering and church devastation right through the subway chasing and many visions to share. 
   The full actions for End Of Days movie directing to the W2K as well as the religious aspect beliefs towards the disrespected disbelieving new world community and Peter Hymans put the war within many generations of ideas and free-thinking obliterates holiness as the war between them continues but the soundtrack made acclaiming favorite for the listeners to learning more about the latest genre of Heavy Metal/Rock global as these various artists such as Professional Murder Music, Rob Zombie, Stroke onto Powerman 500 as well as Creed clashing onto the big ripping off clan of Hip-metal like Korn or Limp Bizkit with additions of many different power grooves musical acts like the Electronic mayhem The Prodigy brings Poison, Bad Influence from Eminem the white Rap ambassador to Sonic Youth’s Sugar Cane and the hit single for television consumption via the surprising appearance from Guns N’ Roses screaming Oh My God as the special moment since the legendary group broke up. 
The sacrifice of Jericho to save Christine from himself being possessed and wants to rape her wraps the final question you will asking for as the world jouyous celebrating the new millennium; the good deeds detective dies in short timing pain by jumping and impaled himself on the sword of St. Michael statue – freeing the himself to meet his family again in the afterlife and sending back the giant winged creature satan to hell. Peace restrains …