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Biking Better (Sommarfagel Records 2013)

   Wintergatan is the name of the band or group from Sweden’s Gothenburg on displaying the essential softer but surely, counts as brilliant measuring on Progressive Rock and Post-Rock that they did performs in career as the unit consisting of Electronic loveable musicians quartet: David Zanden, Evelina Hagglund, Marcus Sjoberg and Martin Molin crosses their path in between starry lights or nature’s worshiping and modernity technology blends not because the hooked experimental fusion of traditional musical instruments with the new advance unknown expressive hand-made sounds by the members completely, adding quality towards half-unique, less insanity and further futuristic noise combinations to rise and share on the transporting music, diversity paradigm as well as creativities staging grandiose written self effective and inner feelings infatuates or intimacy by the used of intuitions has made this regular debut record in self-titled demands your attention if you do liking Progressive Post Rock from Wintergatan’s catalog. 

In between dark or lights and the entrance of superb suspense feelings taken for a unknown walks through the woods of knowledge and music showing us the entire sparkles and sprites exploding in small pops tinged and warmth welcome over the traditional taste of touch on Vastanberg to Slottsskogen Disc Golf Club as well as some English-written topic themes via Starmachine 2000, All Was Well, Paradise, The Rocket and Valentine – makes your ears and body-cells develops in no time as you may not noticing it but it happens because of magical infusing and technology influence by men upgrading their possible ability for creating glad music for desperate times as a healing cure.