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Belka Awakens (Self-Released 2018)

   Written, produced and made into arts of Doomy Psych-Rock progressions by Jack Larkin and Max Storr of Captives Of The Void crew duet as their Psychedelic Stoner Rock and mentally, doomed sounds floating out through the stereo system as Hypnos releasing album fully studio record hits your intentional time on finding underground independent groups to like as examples of the late years companied wastes of popular madder culture partying but this hour is going to be different cause one has found a retaliation composite music to head-bang on and never failed to filling your destine low-less living apparatus and problematic stress on higher levels as ears and brain gone floating follows the instrumental tastes of the ancient Bradford, UK’s as Sabbath-like fusion stoner tripping rocks and fuzzed riffs to spaced jamming; otherworldly grooves meets fluidity transporter becomes favorites and neck-deep tracks shown there as Blazed Trail, The Search, Joined in Orbit (ft. Tilly Riddle) and Gravitational Collapse to Victory grows up by tension duration and high-tech performance of solos or solid balancing sounds performed by live-band instruments picturing the void of the unknown places. 

This featured music shall hypnotizing you to the bones whether you still sober or not.