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Apple Seed Orchard (Sega 2006)

   Within thus dark Ambient recording tracks of instrumental Electro-terrors amusing the facts that SCU agent Ethan Thomas must defending himself and fellow officers while going into an abandoned building where the crime scene just happens there as a young female’s horrific death of strangulation and male mannequin given the agent and his colleagues kinds of confusing investigation as they’re looking for suspects – many criminals and psychopaths as one trying to grab the gun from Ethan out of the dark corner, thrown him out the window after being electrocuted and woke up to find up that Malcolm (his father’s friend) warns about him being real suspect on the killing of officers that day and suffering numerous horrified visions of self-defense against the insane driven homeless and woman presuming as modus operandi on the old department store, taser-gun, forensic tools and evidence but found out information for the serial killer named The Torture. 

Condemned: Criminal Origins tells the suspense and thrilling moments of the gameplay both action/gore scene to solving problems with original soundtrack compositions made by Nathan Grigg for the Frank Rooke, Eric Kohler and Joe Waters production in finding keys or unlocked the boxes for new investigate areas with strategic on evasion, hiding or rely on blocking to visibility of arm-guns carrying fought the mysterious enemy. 

   Terrifying sound effects merged to the tracks like Opening Title 1, Caught The Killer, Awakening, Metro Exploration onto Bart’s Department Store Exploration 1 as well as On The Train and Meeting Rosa gave the pumps up on guts to begin what you’ve started on and finishing the mission as Back to Consciousness and Ambush could add something hideous to the player’s head. So the vague gifts on the ending over a derelict urban environments and less lights stuns the targets or seized the enemy weapon but burning planks would be the last choice to subdue your opponent as navigate bypass careful may saving your ass from the deadly attacks.