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Ambrosia Sunday (Bandcamp 2013)

   The Palace Flophouse consisting for their based of Albuquerque, NM in loving plays as Justin Thompson (guitars, harmonica, vocals), Angelica Baca (mandolin, vocals) with Todd Howell (fiddle, mandolin, guitars, vocals) or their grown up musical performance towards the traditional Americana Folk harmony and Country-Pop roots as the RV vehicle runs faster through-out the empty road dusty desert area in the middle of nowhere parts of US soils generic and melodious flavor for the road-trip only real American natives could understands these tracks comfort meanings as vocals and collaborations lead the listeners to hear patterns on lyrics of farthest townies or border visions in jeopardy makes the dry heads thirsty for something new as experiences gathered around in the writing books not pockets full of money as selective natural sights given you the pit stops for cold drinks and rest rooms via Sirens, Nobody’s Baby inside the album - Mighty Bourbon with Short & Sweet onto Ancient Embers or Fat Man (In The Golden Suit) feels like these fellows had found the materials once written by the travelling wilburys and hidden under the sand-stones before unearthed by local gold digger or hare rats and The Wave comes out the radio station not long after that. 

Mighty Bourbon: