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Amaryllis Cluster (Independent 2018)

   Sort of the inevitable or crusher outlooks for the beginning feedback distorts and mighty riffs according to the mutated monster of mysterious band hailed from Tokyo as Floaters only telling us about the little facts that the songs written by someone named Mossa-Hiro and his long bearded crew like ZZ Top of the eastern stance as artwork provides by Masato Okano but as sounding thicker and unbreakable for anyone whom listening to the likes for Helmet or Southern indie-metallic Sludge Metal completed by the formations of drummer Junichi Ohashi or Y Tanaka for guitars combining the effective devastating parts of non-alternative grungy but pure face-melting further experimental distortion credible to kill you instead onto the ritualistic on cult massive or hideous aspects releasing with the champion of Waiting For Amnesty depicted those mixture creature of moronic horrors based on reptilian and insects showing its long tongue as it used to be once human before the secret labs and protein ingredients mixed with formula x changes the growth normality as Conquested, Some Day, The Wishes of Zealot onto Everything Goes Away minding them whose never looking through the different perspective about half empty glass divided by Most Extreme Iconoclast – leads to self destruction and dominance to erasing others but yourself for the continuity of life on this overpopulated planet needs to be invaded by something. 

Waiting For Amnesty: