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Allira Hill Wall (Spirit Level 2015)

   Magical strings arrangement like the likes of a lot infested sounds off Ghost Noises to Reuben Ingali to Aphir maybe … nobody has listening to them ? But meet Happy Axe project or Emma Kelly solo artistic harmonies package the native of Wildesmeadow, NSW can easily recreates the essential polymath musical beliefs within this multi-instrumentalist performance uses on violins, music saw, vocals and digital manipulation as the new world rebuilds layers after layers in hypnotic inspirations carried out by creative devoted recording of This Topia. Elaborates onto experimental popsy of IDM to Ambient and Electro-Acoustic and Triphop labeled of Canberra, Aussie label did penetrates your hearing rooms while Propeller goes sparkling down the major harmonic sadness tunes to the following opener of Got Away and then, angelic fairies taste off Two Saws emerging after that. 

   We also got Alcove or Forest Room onto the fulfillment of summary and promises without surprising towards the words or lyrics softly, tells the young to accommodates a new trend which is perseverance the environment or gone extinct like the lists. 

This Topia: