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Aether Portals (Neurot Recordings 2018)

   Have to say that Eva Rose would be one particular point whose lifting the entire beasty products written in the standing crossroad for light and dark as massive length wield epic and working hard crafting sound gimmick on a humble glorification manner of mythical, mystical and mysterious ritualistic band of cult uphold through lower campy of traditional Doom Rock within organic tones and Psyche Rock to Drone/Ambience mutualism poisoning each other as the physical members trusty worth accompanied the blonde-sexy front woman onto purity honest and irreligious themed arrangements performed by Ben Cathcart (bass), Chris Lemos (guitar, vocals), Adam Jennings (drums) and Karl Cordtz (guitar, vocals) strikes within heaviness but exudes warmth of dying attempts onto distorted haunting grin rock tunes as the Sacramento’s quintet Chrch will feasts on your fear and questions while the gate opens for their recording – Light Will Consume Us All might generally, means apocalypse by different form still arrived. 

   The first opener track that established its longest duration over twenty minutes more really shall make your faith banished in certain seconds as the screaming anger and hate providing the plate for the ripped heart and virgin pale teenager to be sacrifice sooner by stabbing only performed of the highest priest of the occult coven ranging the in wait for blackest sun of dark master rising from the west and signed the blue lady patiently, cursing the new day of the world once by poison tongue; nothing beloved. 

Light Will Consume Us All: