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Adouina Tada Iblis (Sahel Sounds 2015)

   Tchintabaraden and Abalak of Niger area surplus non-tempered musician with much talents for his Tuareg decent as we might liking the sessions of Mdou Moctar guitar plays variant through this Folk/World/Stage-Screen and African soundtrack of the Maghreb and infatuation for modernism through some French lyrics comparable and combined here for the recent third recording from the man himself as soloist practical making music for traditional and international listeners  on Akounak Tedalat Taha Tazoughai (Original Soundtrack Recording) being produced by Christopher Kirkley, recorded by Sylvain Quatreville and as the shadowy figure of local natives performing his accountable strings wrapped into thus smaller ancient civilization metropolis underneath him, special screening for the movie itself if you ever watching them; melds of incense and camel closures to mystical rhythms and artistry testaments of pleasure on those whom liking a lot for geography and remote locations outdoor activities by musical celebrations must have this album on their shelf.

   The revolutionary story of guitars, motorcycles to cellphones and new generation rocking tracks for rising fame in the pentatonic intermissions or heavy raucous beauty of psychedelic sublime covered inside Sibidoul that goes out for six minutes and seven seconds, Tahoultine to Arounak Theme that enclosing only for thirty-seven seconds as well as Chimoumourin and Jagwa or J’ai Pas Le Choix that tells us about the entire tales from Rain The Color blue with a Little Red in it and the excessive vast land of the northern parts of African tip down to its mighty enchanted river-sides and culture enriched.