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5 Year Outro Spring (Kickit Records 2011)

   Projecting the soloist works made under the shadowy real naming personal of beatmaker/producer Andrey Zelenskyy or within members (of real or aliases) Ruslan Vakulyuk (bass, double bass), Oleksii Yatsyna (saxophone, flautist and MC), Rostislav Shved aka DJ Shon forsound producing as scratches onto Nickolay Zinchenko over guitars/composing/arranger and Egor Gavrilenko (keyboards, composer) hailing from Lviv as being called themselves The Cancel (band) as breaking limits over the combining tunes for the album Diversity from instrumental Hip-Hop, Jazz abstract and Rn’B music match being admires by the local audience and international positive critics seeing their potentials contributes towards these thirteen song-tracks for the near future releasing digital era of modern Pop musical package as Pending, Other Content, Excessively, Walking, Lone Soul to Revolt and Memories or Rainbow – fell onto your laps spontaneously not absurd but intimately, making those comfortable feelings went lovely smiling and thanking for this gifts from Ukraine scenery of Pop-Music genre.