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05:01 (Self-Released 2017)

   Sleepy Driver is Peter Hicks (guitar, vocals, keyboards, bass), Mike Hatheway (bass), John Heinstein (piano, organ, synth), Ethan Young-Lai (guitars, synth, cowbell), Dave Palmer (pedal steel, dobro) and Barry Hughes (drums, background vocals) being established known locally as a band playing melancholic plus acoustic on boots clad rootsy Alternative Folk-Country Pop and company of never bored within main-street exiles to college rock into the blended Sugar Skull album with thus mexi-cali arts of death mask drawing for those gnarling skeletons out of the entire natural preservation environment in Fredericton, New Brunswick onto Tom Petty foundations clearance heading west catchy harmonic fun off ten tracks alike The Last Heart, Finer Things, Unpromise in its horn-infusing tone, Believe/Belong, Before We Go Home, Radio Dial and romantic time with a woman named Lucia probably, sending great tempos and simple ways of the American music reality and pure on going the lyrics of honest tales and sparkling thoughts figure out just like the song of becoming national airplay for Rubies Diamonds and Pearls overtone the country-speaking sounds to the urban modern and some more guests listed. 

Sugar Skull: