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Absolute Excrement (Comatose Music 2010)

   Brutal Death Metal and gore/dark humour fusion carried illegally by these Ermua, Biscay of Basque Country activates their inner hatred writing insensibility lyrics for those seminal acts of highlighted slaying sounds from the performance of quartet mayhem metallers Cosme on bass, vocals to Eihar behind the systematic devastating drum-sets with double shredding headers to force the audience going mad listening to how Penas and Jabo keep their riffs guarded for calling insanity as the new social alliance over Cerebral Effusion’s third recording releases entitled Impulsive Psychopathic Acts possibly ridden the entire common sense vaporizing as the intense destructive growls and anti-humanity themes making the revenge on this seven tracks of desirable mutilation background to experimental fused on living mankind to be destroyed from the inside out. Homophobic Indescriminate Violation to Epidemic of The Era, Psychotic Compositor as well as humiliation Through Methodical Submission may infinitely, care onto a total requirement on the modern civilization blown up aloud in self-destructs through their own inventions and annihilating policies that trying to reach Into Morbid Obesity preserving the wealth and the greed as suicidal bomb of the world. 

The inside artifacts of devilish temple would properly describing the nudity and the hysteria upon carnage, assuring deader future and abomination of false faith drove by lunatic desire on men advance ideas. 

Impulsive Psychopathic Acts:

Coitus To Prior (Brutal Bands 2013)

   Not all Las Vegas citizen are evicting to evaporates their own sadistic mayhem actions as the examples for Guttural Secrete crew: Michael Christian Fitzgerald (drums), Jeremiah Blue Jensen (vocals), Randall James Thompson (guitars), Bruno Macias (bass) and Ryan Wechta (guitars) recalls their mad-cynic visions over Brutal Death Metal melodic with a little bite harder towards torture, gore, perversion and raping as pleased within the musical performance on their own Extreme Heavy Metal scenery kinds of infusion with extensive extra additions for US underground community soon loving them for being malevolent. 

Thus mutilated amputated and beheaded females just packed there inside the secret room by the killer madly in love to do it again and again over as many victims as possible and he’s liking it. 

   Addicted to the rush for slaying the slaughtered lambs meaning that Nourishing The Spoil is just the beginning towards a bigger plan on spreading the words and ideas for human extinction or it’s just a he-man women hater problems for over the displaying endurance of duration through thirty-six minutes and twenty-four seconds blasting experience by explosive anger plus the killing instinct growling to the masses about Serrated Impurities, Stainless Conception, Truncation in Detail or even Voyeouristic Engagement might totally spraying bloods and screaming moans of those hopeless females knowing that there will be no help on them missing as linked evidence already erased clear by the clever moves of the blood-thirsty predator called the metal-head executioner ! 

Nourishing The Spoil:

Beaten Whores Vaginal (Pibeoneck Records 1996)

   As the abortion system went very wrong by the cold murderous hands of the Goregrind/Death Metal maniac/egoist - Dismembered Fetus screaming on being possessed by total madness and hatred on women grabs these Denver, Colorado team of Extreme crew envisioning your calm afternoon over their gut-rotted and mission of uncontrollable high techniques in business slaughtering via Generation of Hate embalming the destruction of innocence victim’s worthless life and their giggles to be rotten, piled up and never be found again as Intro 1, Maggots, Colfax, Niose 3, Ebola, Ode to Nathan or other cryptic miserable gory themes written and produced to scares your dumb parents listening this behind your locked door but still cannot holding thus rapists crew from breaking and enters your love chamber and do whatever they wanted on you with no helps possibility came. 

Thirty-one fucking noisy Grindcore music for less than one hour putrefaction ready to turn you into a serial killer with blinded vision to slay most people around your presence driven by the performance off Jeremy Lewis, Mike Clague, Creep and Josh “Ace” quartet murdering unit. 

Generation Of Hate:

Point Exit Movie (Smegma Records 2005)

   Swindon’s fine rocking bursts out band of tight melodic Punk-Rock unit comes crashing in your stereo system like a stuck of nerves and one could easily liking these riff of neat distorted guitar plus urban conflict-songs written by the group – calling themselves 2 Sick monkeys for Fred Nus and Pete Power on drumming, bass-bashing to screaming protests drunken vocals as catchy and weirdy on the same minutes being supported by Primal Scream’s Darrin Mooney and might slightly influencing more duo group to spawns the next couple years into different styles but here it’s only regular Punk-Rock and Pop with the breaking boredom onto the wall of glass using hammer in Curse Of The Monkeys album for a good cause o bad situations or just get rid of hate towards society and silly values on a bloody good way arrangements within Can’t Deny, Too Many Secrets, Built To Win, Taste The Pain or One more Second and Lose My Mind may causing a small intrigue problems and fractions around your living room interior. 

Curse Of The Monkeys:

The Camouflage In (Hank 3 Records 2011)

   The grandson of Hank Williams and the son of Hank Williams Jr. turning his tide-waving path to Stoner Doom Metal and Southern embracing rocks on becoming sounded like another Ozzy cloned with Midwest flavors there on his only non-Country tunes recording we could find Shelton Hank Williams roaming with the self-infliction desire of making power-house riff-age and blistering hooks to head-banging you the whole day into the fanatic likes and influences from Black Sabbath, Eyehategod or Phil Anselmo softer-side meets this Hank 3 album entitled - Attention Deficit Domination in pleasure to giving the audience such a pleasant dirty grooving hypnotic tunes to apply on false faith about bad seeds, good deeds, guns-grass-ass and any immolating redneck’s habits displaying in front of the drug-store and that high-pitched screeching tones of Heavy Metal by a country-men rebel blasting heat further onto I Feel Sacrificied, Bend, Make A Fall, Aman, Get Str8 or Goats “N’ Heathans even the anti-censored picture of boobs collectively there complete. Most of the listeners back home won’t really admitting this as a breakthrough release upon the singer’s family legacy and vanished as the legendary name fades within this Demons Mark fusion which reconsidering by metal-heads as fuckin’ gold nugget !

Hank 3's Attention Deficit Domination:

Kick It Today’s (Integrity Records 2013)

   Feeling like god to meet the nirvana-liked trio of female goddess on independent Punk-Pop beat making of Melbourne, Australia as these three piece girls with hyped-popular looks along the painted red-haired highlights to the love-shaped dark glasses and funny smiles over tattoos as assembling their type of melodic Pop-Rock music feels so catchy and living the life not too exaggerated as people would love to hear something from them experimentally good or straight jangling as The Replacements or Pavement did before in the past while the garage-Rock version of Sleater-Kinney influences stained onto the images and music arrangements in a perfect way as the calm female vocals sounding sweeter, clever and sensual on the same time for Valentiine on the releasing self-titled debut record follows the steps into the league of Courtney Love’s celebrity skin angst by performing the original songs like Chucky, Birthday – cheering the best day they’ve ever had, Hates Me, Finch, When You Want and Better For Me or Animal may causing the integrating ideas being transferred to your little sisters and bigger sisters again digging in deeper on newer Riotgrrrl movement acts information truly not false on this all-female group package !


Special Forces (WaterTower Music 2017)

   After the devastating breaking news assignment to staff duty send US Army Captain of Green Berets Operational Detachment Alpha (ODA 595) Mitch Nelson and volunteers going to Afghanistan under refusal but then given Nelson full command for the unit as the brave soldiers leave their family to Uzbekistan and then picked by the allies troops insurgence of Northern Alliance led by the infamous Uzbek general Abdul Rashid Dostum whom in needs for serious cooperation joint-operational with US Army and black ops by the used of bomber coordinates by B-52 plane, MH-47 Chinook of the 160th SOAR landed nearly 40 miles out of Mazar-I Sharif as the target of a struggled fourth largest city there as the stronghold of Taliban armies only with the sending of these 12 Strong members of the highly equipped and experienced soldiers on this movie based on the real events. Fortified camp to stay before horse riding for couple tiring hours through the Afghan mountains led the group to more hostile remote area on the map within local communities under pressure of Taliban regime’s sharia laws brutally executes everyone that disobey them especially, restricted over women to go to school to blasphemous acts or conversations questioning the fanatic religious laws of the Taliban leaders as well as banned modern things such as music to television and forced women to wear discomfort Burka clothes of traditional from displaying their beauty in public. 
   Mitch Nelson continued to working with Dostum and knowing him better as the main target operation there is destroying stronghold, check-points and supplies of Taliban as well as Al-Qaeda infiltrators when the US troops found out that the conditions aren’t really friendly because winter will come sooner, the landscape is nearly, un-conquerable but didn’t stop them from gaining more valuable information and tactical errors to be minimized even though the bombing coordinates didn’t always correct and some larger casualties after the Taliban ambush trap flicking arguments among themselves for the succeeded of this mission within careless to potential conflict but as the route one by one captured clean by the alliance; Mazar-I Sharif must be gone down for not couple months but weeks in counting. Several victories, man-power supplies and air strikes coalition is the key for this mission to be glorified in the end as the American and the Northern Afghan armies pushing harder deep to the last stronghold of Mullah Razzan and defeating his Taliban once and for all as Dostum finally, shooting him in the head for what he did to the general’s family and the town not a long time ago. Horse soldiers and modern weaponry mixing over 12 Strong with beliefs and confidence dedicates to the response of September 11th attacks onto a fatigue combat starring Chris Hemsworth, Michael Pena and Navid Negahban within fully actions and shooting battles that one might thinking about gaming in the first place was real here and the musical of Lorne Balfe compositions instrumentals over the original motion picture soundtrack songs about Generations, Soldier’s Wife, 20,000 Feet Above, Fight Like You Ride, Prayers, Evac onto The Tangi Gap Assault and Warlord among many others make everything seems to be realistic and suspense within the bigger explosions, countless bullets and rocket launcher to RPG attack drawing guts for those whom really believe that freedom costs as much as you can offer and defending in the end against fundamental destructive minds. 


Zero Ground (Infinity Ward/Activision 2007)

   Two operations conducted as a civil war broke out in Russia as the government and the ultra-nationalist trying to restore the soviet-like era there as the separatist group led by Khaled Al-Asad seizing a small country power in the middle east which showing to the world that that coup is ruthless and extremely, anti-western by views launching the counter strikes and anti-terrorism missions prompts by United States on the countdown days invasion to maintaining order ahead by sending Platoon USMC 1st Force Recon with Lieutenant Vasquez to capture Asad immediately, As the television station being raid by the US troops believed to be used by Asad to broadcasting live on horrific events induces by his madness while reporting and supports the insurgence over urban combat of the south capital as Abrams M1 tank helping them out. Russian informant Nikolai whom worked with the ultra-nationalist community must be rescued in order as allies and with the help of Russian loyalist forces the team engaged the assaults for intelligence and ground force into enemy territory before the possible catastrophic detonation of nuclear device as aware from SAS warning to the fallen helicopter slowing down the entire mission as you are now racing with time lesser than you think. 
Potential raids  or the safe house to the full scale launching strikes as gearing up with the most advance equipment and weaponry that you might see here altogether in thrilling suspense conditions over the mission success a must for Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare campaign as the US troops and Navy Seals invading the Asad’s Palace but the menace leader fleeing to village of Azerbaijan within Price’s team hold against the ultranationalist force after Asad’s execution comes another figure of Imran Zakhaev and the sent Black Operation to eliminate him also make Captain MacMillan and his army through their way  to Pripyat and Chernobyl of Ukraine reaching vantage point but cannot captured Zakhaev only wounded him; later on the joint task force of SAS, Force Recon and the loyalists attempt to capture Zakhaev’s son. 
Ambushing enemy convoy, cornered up the apartment roof and lots of shooting engaged only led Zakhaev to control a nuclear facility but manage to detects by Halo jump to stop intercontinental ballistic missiles to the US Eastern seaboard that potential on causing more than forty million casualties about to happen. SAS and Force Recon breaching the facility; seizing the command center and remote destroying the missiles onto Atlantic ocean as enemy helicopter trapped them in after destroying the bridge and fights erupt as tanker explodes and many group killed or injured really bad before finally, killing Zakhaev and his escorts and covering up of untra-nationalist supports over Asad regime of the missile incident successfully completed. 
   The music composer - Steven Barton’s OST soundtrack meets the brilliant efforts to describing most of the excitement, the enthusiast or even the brute of mission operating situation that you will faced here on the game Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare within the suspense/thrilling instrumentals scoring and orchestral music fallen silently to the fubar-ism kind of meeting engagement to the enemy hostility as well as the measurement to go further highest levels to defeated the regime and the civil war that happens as well as stopping madness from pressing the nuclear warheads button for devastating world war III horrific event. Listening as Welcome to The Marines, As The Sun Sets, War Pig, The Town, Now It’s a Ghost Town, Chasing The Bastard, New Vengeance and Reasons Unknown to The Other Way or Closing Victory guides you along the first-person shooter gaming installment as substantial conflicts or battles appeared by no coincidence but planned rooted deep as indicates marked within the merchandise series.


Run River Love Her (Bandcamp 2018)

   Within the much interests on being like or influenced by greater names like Tom Waits or Sufjan Stevens as living for writing songs as the adjustment for getting into the mountains while singing by the created strange, odd, peculiar instruments for your London’s Vicky Osterberg, Will Worsley, Michael G Moore and Damian Katkhuda as the band of multi-experimenting goals on different styles resorting genres to samples of computer’s assembles – calling themselves The Mostar Diving Club on the quest for even greater changing in daily activities of safety cooking oil manual or the tide surprising felt for discovery feelings when one found couple dollars on the road which imagining the musical emotion wrapped the listeners by many textures as drowsy, worn in Folk concise onto uplifting seminal-acoustic Pop-sounds under wisdom of lyrics written carefully after the experience on dizziness led quirky unfamiliar transported package of pervasive woodwinds, burst robust on brass section to xylophones or orchestral classic tuning as fascinating to catch via every good songs from your bath-tube moments to hear Sparks, Leave Me To Fly, Nobody Remains, Everything is Beautiful, Busy Doing Nothing and Lost At Sea as the group’s project of their fourth album. Here Comes Joy would be the album that might spending more time for the old folks and Neo-Folk Classical acoustic lullaby to be loved by good feelings audience … 

Amazingly, believed to beloved.

Here Comes Joy:

Leaves Two Midsummer (Wild Goose Records 2006)

   Meet the trio of mixed gender musicians whom led their performance by acting seriously, talented and sounding ever-moist to be liking or loved as bringing their background unusual as unique permanent beliefs to the temporary world to hear English’s Folk traditional acapella harmonies of the medieval and unaccompanied songs perform by (The) Devil’s Interval: Emily Portman, Jim Causley and Laureen McCormick and beautifully, by glad hearts not hatred in there sang fluently gorgeous in their attitude on mixtures vocalization harmonic to the combinations off levels choir take turns bold as the audience should keep quiet the time these singers starting their song. 
   Playing flute, concertina to accordion as the musical combining acts for the only recording so far of them – Blood & Honey; these thirteen tracks written and produced shall long gone forgotten but on those people with special connections to otherly world, fantasy, magic and herbal realms related as back to nature is the ultimate choice means something to remember lively as Green Valley, Studying Economy, The Well Below The Valley, The Bonfire Carol, Down Among The Dead Men (written by John Dyer) to Long Lankin and Silver Dagger may talks about either old beliefs and legends or myths to the monotheist ode and hymns that will not causing indifference but found a kind of solution of coexisting in between the memories of the last harvest, the winery and fruits and flowers and the love. 

Blood & Honey:

Hep Harz Moja Dusa (La Guilde Folk 2015)

   Fresh steaming breath of holy mother Gaia goddess being released as the living can feel, see. Times of the ancient returns as one loving to hear the truth guidance through any esoteric and mysterious as myths and fantasy barely uniting onto the reality of sounds speaking over the past to showing what lies in the near future while passing the present days which wrapping within the gift of lovely, darken and semi-romantic tunes provides by the various artists of Folk-Pagan/Medieval by the closing secret community of the hidden woods and fairy and the trolls and thus dwarfs as well as the large witchcraft-ed sisterhood or druid’s society celebrating the entire traditional beliefs and sense of natural belongings whilst the different variant of music forms – from the slowest, most peaceful or eerie dweller or soothing calm onto the fast seminal blown filling in for V.A Wild Folk Pagan Vol. III that being arranged by the New York local label adding “Memories of Violette” of red-haired naked female picturing the purity of the three goddess of the maiden, mother and crone cycles as harmonic captures the heart of bravery and thus missing stories to un-puzzled within Neo-Folk, Viking Metal, Folk Metal to Pagan Metal performance by Yonder Realm on Sacrifice to The Old Stone Gods, Drenai in Gulgothir, NightCreepers’s Death to The Hypocrite, Barbarian Pipe Band, Cesair, Moriquendi and Darkenhold to Ymrgar or Rastaban bringing their performance led by symphonic/hypnotic female voices over the Gothic harmonies tuning songs describing the alarmist bag-pipe or anything traditional through out of thousand pagan tribe’s heritage multi-musical instrumentalist from the simple bang of the percussive beats to the well high-techniques sophomore bursts on riffs and metallic mayhem on portraying the patience, the wisdom, the jealousy and the wrath of our holy goddess mother earth as even there’s Electronic Synth-Pop or kazoo section leading this album compilation becoming a package that can accompanied yourself back to get in magic touch with the surroundings of all living things. 


String Strikes (Manic Depression 2011)

   Extensive of Bromma, Stockholm’s underground scene for Electronic sets over the works and experimental marking points of the band consisting for Emmanuel Astrom, Johan Lange, Peter Friesdt as well as Alexander Blomqvist or Kristoffer Grip and Henrik Sunbring putting this compilation recording after six full studio album catalogs must be a degradation non-commercial over New Wave, Post-Punk and Industrial in general machinery fusion of men and machine; synthesizer to live musical instruments performance and singles to b-sides and further more collision from the group – Agent Side Grinder onto the releasing of Industrial Beauty (Extended) which comprising too much songs available here such as the themed of monotonous as well as Electro-Rock beats commencing the audience to break things into dance via Lashes of Flashes, The Screams, Life in Advance, Ricocheting Memories, Voice of Your Noise and some other live versions and even the meaningless bonus towards 005-200 or 008-199 by the pension not increasingly, forwarding the constant energy through anti-social fusion in the making by the group collectively – unwelcome to those censorship, values of the modern world and hypocrite point of views which being ignored there with the display of sexy babe seminal nude female smiling to give you … pleasure over pain in the process. 

Industrial Beauty (Extended):

Nocturnal Say (Universal Music Belgium 2017)

   Remarkable as nobody ever listening to him before but the sounds and collaborates thriving in the making of the awakening good tempos of Pop-Music brought here to the mainstream by Jasper Erkens blowing the stereo tops up within his admirable catchy tracks written as arranged off this graduated of London’s Brit School of Performing Arts and Technology but not going back to Belgium on the move to Amsterdam as this man releasing his secondary recording and playing guitar over the nice singing techniques by colors of the beats into funky or rocking soft or even Rn’B singer/song-writer and producer on Drawing A Line background by thus pinkish board and beard while bring the entire ammunition onto Pop-Rock session to the stereo system for being loved by you, your sisters and your high-school friends too through Nothing Could Stop Us, Repeat Routine, One More Stripe, From Now On, IOU, Money as well as Hop on The Rhythm, Time Has Been So Kind or Start Life grows bigger attention gains when someone open the radio and been raiding by these fine records made by the man, Jasper.

Drawing A Line:

Nation Faggot (/a/ 2018)

   Not many information but a Midland, Texas of US music Americana parts given by Jebus Matoi looks like animated similarity to thus anime nation lovers as fan-fiction actually turns to media social but as one listening to the singing tracks written by group/personal figure baptized as Jebus Matoi claiming for This is Waifu Country is all about Folk/World and Pop-Country performance by vocals as well as the anime girls picture outdoors near the mountain/village sides as the truly soft and romantic love stories and daily issues over the cold wind crosses the sunlight sunny day where your heart goes attracting to that passer-by female fluting as the tracks went mysteriously, fits for the sweetening momentum of our lives where love blossoming for the first or the longest time since the broken hurts yours. 

   Melodic in singing and Pop-Country pure harmonies closely goes befriending anyone whose feeling kind of down today listening and hum along to Erased, Nobody to Blame, Saturday Night, How It Feels to be Me, Last Time for Everything, Hirasawa-Chan and Baby Be MyHentaifu might related to some dirty words took off the sexual anime of Tokyo area but recently, this example on how Japanese should re-thinking about added some kind of sweetening aspects to their story-telling felt like American spirits expansive in smoother portions coloring the views. 

This is Waifu Country: