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Zoltar Says (Diablo Records 2018)

   Rockabilly or Psychobilly doesn’t matter on how far the materials blending to Garage Punk or Ska-Surf can relates to thus happy catchy semi-acoustic tunes fills thus harmony of basic expression for under the name of Craic N’ Roll leaving the elaborates collaborating between male and female for guitar playing and vocal-singing for The Early House recording as their fortune-telling steps onto fame pond swimming as the Irish-based background feels tight and thicker behind the popular catchy but also little bit mysterious to deeply found out about their real identity existence by the ten songs of high-quality off September signs courageously, cleaner to come visiting the listening people goes to sing along within their melodies and good vocals through Devil in Disguise, Money Money Money, Seduction, Treat Me Nice, The Wanderer and Come On Everybody closed by the bonus track Arizona feels to you a righty bitey popular Celtic gothic-song book for traditional lovers of excellence.

The Early House: