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Zeppelin Fell (Pluto Records 2006)

   This record is the creation of some bored musicians trying to have more penetration distorts of emotion over blast and heavier beats which consisting for Michael Murland (vocals), Dann Miller (guitars), Wil Spent (bass) and Drew Ireland compels themselves as the intense Death metal Grindcore bursts of modern Fulcanelli alchemist tricks that keeps the band – naming before the child victim of mysterious house-murder of the last decades and closely, chaotic to disturbing your quiet afternoon after lunch times while someone spontaneously cranking this bastards up in volumes.

   Found the whirlwind blood fountain attacking the listeners within Ugly/Heartless screamo/growlers not like just an ordinary Grunge troops doing before them; those twelve tracks such as Eating Lightning, Pt. 2, Devils, Black Lion, Why We’re Dead, Three Years and Love is a Dog From Hell and It Made Them Sick seems to be a linking thoughts bridge-builder the lost keys of musical underneath the dark commence of the demonic possession for teenage angst production and discovered guitar boosters and sticker name of a band in a suitcase of a missing person.