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Young Heart (Static Shock Records 2017)

   Something goes a bit wrong within the performance of the Post-Punk group from Sheffield, UK collectively trying to figure out their rebellious artistic movement musical and the late Hard Rock roots off their native homeland with Def Leppard and Saxon collaborates the atmosphere for the equivalent over modular systematic scientific and theatrical muzzak sending messages to the sickening world that Bry, David Peter Walker and Joe Singleton born smarter with their tons of ideas on writing tracks via Sievehead as the band clever by their approaches onto sharing thoughts and making smarter sounds to face the ignorant and the Alternative fans onto Worthless Soul portraying building and grey surroundings while a target circle shot the silence within british-works of mentally hardened story telling via Invocation, Teach Me How To Swim, Go To War with The Wind, At The Border, Set The Tone In as well as Daydreams of Death asking you Don’t Take It – the demonic capitalist products that made from slavery low-coasts works of a wealth and greedy companies as the background immigrant images recaptured in Post-Punk protests whether you stop making babies and overpopulate the planet or you can help everyone by pressing the mute button.

Worthless Soul: