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Yakety The Vat (Nouveau 1991)

   Following this Original Motion Picture Soundtrack that carries the action cops against Japanese mobsters telling us the story of the beginning and the mid-complex to the conclusions opens by the fondles drugging of a stripping blonde girl then beheading by the Iron Claw yakuza clan leader Yoshida questioning her loyalty to the Bonsai Club as the girl warned the previous boss owner Tanaka whom being killed in a car compactor hours before the celebration of the Iron Claw clan owning that popular downtown nightclub.
The Japanese raised LA police Chris Kenner partnering with Johnny Murata a partial Japanese American cop with their differences about appreciates their background cultures enjoying martial arts like experts been assigns to investigating some criminal activities around the suspected restaurant area for Showdown In Little Tokyo. 
   The coroner results on angel’s body being forced to consuming large methamphetamines, yakuza tattoos suspects led for more informations to Chris and Johhny to a female singer Minako but being ambushed and taken to yoshida (whom actually also murdering Chris parents in the past) as yoshida taking control as drug manufacturer for local brewery for distributes the products nationwide using the helps of Hell Angels, Crips and Surenos with imbalance profit for his criminal clan. 
Escaping nightclub, fighting skills mashed up with romance and the kidnapping of Minako must sets out our two cops make way to save her under the heavily guarded compound and finally, gain victorious after moment of hand in hand combat to protracted battle against the yakuza clan and yoshida himself within the great suspense music made by David Michael Frank for Noble Quest, Death And Dishonor, Slippery When Wet and Heavy Metal Sushi bashing all those criminal’s asses busted in stage & screen scoring instrumentals.