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Viendra She (Hot Mule 2018)

   Ten minutes ans god’s witnessing now and how the essential roots off Funkadelic press releasing there again as a newer masterpiece for the new millennium as choice to discovers by the audience while having the sense of hear opens within the harmonic plus rhythmic and not just rumours did by the Enugu, Nigeria tribal mixed with modernity sounds and popular tunes which carried by fashion focus lost classics ultimate imprinting carefully, composited of Afro-Disco crew led by Mr. Patrick a.k.a the former football club or William Onyeabor producting the album for this missing link cult seminal under the name called N’Draman-Blitch with bass player Justin Tchahoua, drummer Paul Sokeng, keyboardists Lemmy Jackson/Peter Yeboah to lead guitarist Aphonsus Marr and backing vocals: Carol Kenyon, Gay World and Sonia Jones with percussionist Gaspar Lawai through that sound-jamming in a journey onto west African jungle territory and tribal fusion via rare grooves, “hit-tracks on Self-Destruction”  Funk and devotional from Lagos; Cosmic Sounds universally – attention captures. Smiling Christ the son of god to the bomber jet destroying the town or village as people dying on the street and chaos controls global like today guessing how close this visions goes further on in diversity as trying to found back the wisdom parallel world that used to be surrounded us all but lost gone now elliptical by roundabout rhythmic cross-sessions in sweats, possession and spiritual non-prejudice movements is Essika-Ti about seven minutes more onto thus eleven minutes or the tiresome reading history can be replaced by more of this intense music for the sufficient African relieves. 

Cosmic Sounds: