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Vertical (Self-Released 2015)

Post-Punk for foodwave fans in Alternative sounds breaking the silver spring border down of Washington as the pre-heat Pop-Rock mini album release played by Emmet Parks (drums, percussion), Wyatt T’Rex on bass. Vocals and guitar also Jordan Levine for guitars/vocals/synth as the performing song-written band – Night Kitchen tries to entertain your short sound system music tests and thus funny hippo figure heads in many colors off the Midwest area may giving the tunes of fun timing tunes a good appointing marks from the people whose becoming the audience by temporary and this D.C crew releasing - Hunger Games won’t lasted long like a walking paranoia cult because seems to be that they’re quite quirky and softer on displaying Salt Water Taffy, Fever Dream and Heaven For Sale. 

Are you feeling hungry too now ?

Hunger Games: