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Vegas Wilcock East (Pluto Records 2005)

   Swaggering produced by Dave Swanson and lyricist Jodi Kodesh/Joe Nichy as mastered by Nolan Brett within the written materials from the band – Divide The Day of their Southern California based home-place and background seemed to creates this mixing of hard Rock to Country Rock and Rock N’ Roll general but foremost getting through evolving towards thus emotional Hardcore to Southern Rock fusion given the rest of the band’s sounds comes out unique enough not to be called regular punks at all. 

   Grooves and riffs seizures to magic beats and vibe take turns shining the explosive blasts over the screaming vocals and rhythmic drumming to the bass-line covering its six-strings basher attitudes for the protesting stabs to scabs themed wrote deeper to the roots of revolution minds for the young to rediscovers and reacts following the intense high heating up levels of temperature within Pretty Girls With Ugly Boys reveals the fact truth gains thumbs up for non-popular punks to the street-mean but also catchy likes sound-blast like there opens between My Yellow Pages Girl, Everybody in Florida Wears Running Shoes, File This Under Great Ideas At The Time, Jesus is Coming…Look Busy, Jeff Mechie…You Son of a Bitch and Those We Love The Most Never Truly Leave Us or We Don’t Mean to Impose but We’re a Hit in This Week’s Gossip Column correctional enough to fixing the daily product sells of commercial by making news and fake news fixations making millions for the haves. 

You still like to watch E-News and Entertainment Today ? So, you’re the fucking enemies of us now !!! 

Pretty Girls with Ugly Boys: