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Turning Hole Grey (Mock Records 2017)

   What if it’s true that they’re hot like the cheesy adds on the unknown music page says about the Los Angeles crew of described drawn of spreading legged gods of the romans but before you being confused about the tales just listening to the band’s special flavored tunes of fully-formed messages via Matt/Dafe/Leo and Dach shows for the lasts savior in Rock N’ Roll lesser sell-out tunes while the sarcastic lyrics tells the audience an ideas to carpet bombing the afghan city back doe retaliation but fun never stops ending as seven tracks releasing from Wild Wing on Doomed II Repeat like Nero the mad emperor watching the greatest capital city of the ancient world burnt to ashes over one night as Decimation, More Room For Us, Matter Of Time, Sound The Alarm and Struck Out really cares not about the realization of thus mixed/mastered of Jesse Wilson works and the group’s efforts shall becoming money maker shakers or just simply, another ego-centric infatuations filled out the gap between struggles and battling ground for environmental-based fights against the the fate creates by the ancient N.W.O onto ruling the modern realm ? 

Have you heard such ridiculous things like that ?

Doomed II Repeat: