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Tower Prayers (Universal Republic 2012)

   Goes on that the old fairy-tales telling to the movie viewers at the fantasy releasing to a bit cheesy but also epic proportions where Rupert Sanders directing this success Snow White and The Huntsman starring the Kingdom Tabor’s wicked dark-witch Queen Ravenna taken her place by powerful sorcery as King Magnus lost his wife Eleanor while giving birth to her daughter Snow White whose stronger and defiant as the rose like her mother wished for. King’sarmy saving Ravenna from the demonic glass soldiers but later enchanted by her beauty which reveals her dark secret as the dark army’s mistress declaring herself a queen by killing the king but Snow White is lucky being saved by William and Duke Hammond. Ravenna rules the ruined Tabor and draining every single young women to maintaining her spell of youthful beauty but learning from the magic mirror than Snow White still alive growing beautiful and while she still alive Ravenna will never rule supreme and young but have to consumes the heart of her step-daughter led to sending Finn to catch her but failed as Snow White runs to the dark forest before trapped in the mud and creepy old trees before bargains to the hunter Eric whose being ordered to hunts her down too but helps her escape. Snow White and The Huntsman recreates the meeting with eight dwarfs, troll chasing in the woods, disfigurement women village and traveling to fairy sanctuary to getting ambushed by Finn and his men but fights erupts and one dwarf dies.
   The beautiful brave Snow White isn’t alone fighting back her place to banish the evil queen as the soundtrack compositions seems to be quite romantic and orchestrated in such a best way as branded the marks of James Newton Howard Classic tunes and scoring musical in harmonic, terrifying and suspense for the sweeter moments or the funny ones or the serious in the middle of their battle from I’ll Take Your Throne, Something For What Ails You, White Horse, Journey To Fenland, Sanctuary, White Hart, I Remember That Trick onto Death Favors No Man as even the most courageous beauties carried by Gone performed by Ionna Gika or Breath Of Life performed by Florence + The Machine showing the real charming kiss of love awaken Snow White from her apple-cursed poison before the final fight against the revealing most hideous witch queen doing her dark spells and bad magic towards the fighting girl - Snow White and The Huntsman but fail to abolish them and mortally, wounded but only defeated as the kingdom cheers with Dwarfs and Duke Hammond victorious and crowning of Snow White in Coronation makes peace there.