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The Tin Tour Song (DB Productions 2007)

   Mark Schaffer leads the role of himself as the licker Dracula on vampire acts funny but really bites your thighs and vagina while the celebrating countdowns are in the making over thus Mark Of The Beast purely, focusing style onto Hip-Hop musical as well as becoming the non-television figure of the frightened shadowy fangs pale white and smiling-a-lot kinds of on the containing managerial track-listed as much as seventeenth but only sixteen shows up while the loss tone hiding after a minute of silence and a reminder acts like you being listening to ICP for the first time but this time it sounds very friendly and entertaining not scary and pedophilic. 

   Open ears and see the staging spotlights where the hooded winged creature appears to do the ratchet show before jumping on you and feasting your cell-blood of fear while rapping hard, shaking asses, grabbing girl’s boobies, kissing your hot cougar mommy or just make more attractions through Nerd Lust, Revenge of Attack of The Clonefucker, Dive Down, Craig’s List, Fuck This Song, Cat People, The Rappist and Black box Activation onto Rich Man (feat. Ladylovely on vocals) or even Night Of The Living Christ tells us that comedy dark won’t get the fun surprises easily, spoiled when you’re under the undead hypnotics lap-dancing Rap beats and Hip-Hop services. 

Melts your guts and the microphone o phoney bloodsucker comedian !

Mark Of The Beast: