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The Sadist (Till You Fukkin Bleed 2018)

   Ya ho ho ho for the Morbid Devourer (bass), Hellrazor (drums) Deathmessiah and Bringer of Desolation on double satanic guitar mass of Black Metal ritualistic with lead vocalist J.K Antikrist formatting the infernal blasphemous acts off Finland’s active underground extreme from the northern hemisphere parts and copulating their basher music and brutal effects upon the mysterious melodies or rhythms from the depth of hell pit makes the entire surely, through the only recording debutant album pledging for destruction and Curse Eternal will make you all bleed in such rigorous shapes while head-banging followers followed Cult of Destruction, The Darkness Return, Celebration of Evil, Grave Desecration, Beelzebub and Blood of The Creator to I Love Transylvania takes them worship as Antichristian Ceremonial Madness as the demonic high force of Lucifer air still ruling the underworld awaits you to break thus crosses and let people of the messenger goes blind and killing each other while the rest of the world slowly devours the hope within them for there's no fucking room on salvation and the second coming means total devastation onto the Christ weak followers worldwide.

Wipe them all clean, maggots !

Antichristian Ceremonial Madness: