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The Price To Pay (Rainville/Pluto 2016)

   Hopeless Youth wasn’t really have their hopeless sounds at all. This angry Hardcore blends of Sludgy Punk and Thrash Metal or Black Metal beings are comprising on Julien (vocals), Denis (guitars), Alex (bass) and Angelo (drums) for the compositions manage the Montreal, Canada band develops the most fastest and hardest music in a record to listening to head-bangers and fatal psychosis minds resulting the songs as a breaking of cement blocks innovative excite as you watch these metal-heads shredding and tearing up the soft-ears people to pieces by Devil, Walk With Me as the proclamation of how counterfeit and fake the society always becoming since the prosperity and wealth prides took over the power only for the haves rather than balance featured living for all.

   Screamo scars and targeting attacks full in ammunition of raging riffs, beater bass-rhythms and bashing drums for The Garden, Moon Child and Light Bearer cleaning the streets from those whom thought that they’re already free and owns everything in between both worlds. 

Many more fuck you’s messages send in a mature forms !

Devil, Walk With Me: